Monday, June 18, 2012

Backyard Lessons from a 2 year old

Last week I saw something that got me to thinking....  I was in the backyard with my sister and my neice showing them the tomatoes I had just planted.  While we were looking intently at the garden,  my brother in law was walking down the hill towards us and called his daughter's name.  My neice stopped cold upon hearing her father's voice calling her name.  Her 2 yr old head snapped up and immediately began searching the backyard for him.  After a minute or so he was in view and those little feet ran into him with arms open wide...squealing the whole way! 

The next morning during my quiet time I was still laughing at the memory.  Then a thought hit me that it was a great picture of what anyone should do when they hear God calling.  Someday that will be me when I hear Jesus calling my name! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So why "Gottadew Gardens"?

Well,  it is a combination of two things.  I like the sound of the word 'grotto' and an ideal type of garden I'd love to have.  But mostly because keeping up with an acre yard there is always something that you "got to do".  I don't think my "got to do" list will ever run out!  Still I'm fortunate enough to have land that has been in my family for several years, gorgeous flora that was planted by my great grandmother, a house my grandparent's built right before I was born, and the summers off to take care of it all. 

It's not exactly like I dreamed all those years ago (at 8) when I announced to the family that when my grandparents sold their place I was going to buy it!  I sure don't remember there being the weeds, bugs, or snakes!  I do have the beloved cottage but it is without the husband and 5 kids.  Regardless of that God has been abundantly good to me!  My parents and another aunt/uncle have built houses on the farm so family/kids abound all around me.  Plus my church family is rich with young families who are more than willing to lend out any child I might feel the need to entertain for the day!

Speaking of entertaining children, this will be the 5th year of Camp Sherri.  It started when friends bought a house and discovered that it really needed a major overhaul.  At the time they had 3 young children all under the ages of five so I decided the best way I could help was to take the oldest two to my house once a week to play.  We had some fun craft projects but basically just chased the dog around the yard.  They dubbed it "Camp Sherri".  Not only did the moniker stick but enrollment grew as my cousins kids began coming the next summer.  It began with two children and currently is up to seven.  It will continue to expand as my extended family have their own.  Every year I think I'm going to get more detailed but often the kids come up with the schedule and I just supervise.  However, this year I am incorporating my great grandfather's camp tradition of "rest time".  We never really napped but rather laid in bunks laughing while grandma told stories.  I imagine Camp Sherri's rest time will be more of the same. 

By November I begin to hear "I can't wait till Camp Sherri again".  I still don't get what the appeal is...but what fun memories they will have to tell their kids or those they live to influence!  Maybe one day one of them will take over Gottadew Gardens and start their own!     ....and really, isn't that what it's all about? 
Deuteronomy 6:7