Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grass is always greener......

Anyone have the 'grass is always greener on the other side of the fence' syndrome?   Have you ever thought "I wish I had that house", "I wish I had that yard", "I wish I had that dress", "I wish I could lose weight", etc.   I always viewed it as something innocent and not that big of a deal.

I find my list always revolving around   "I wish I could go to FL to hang with my sister", "I wish I was retired so I could do what I want", "I wish I was married and had my own kids", and "I wish I could get all my projects done".  Overall I love my life and am blessed BEYOND what I deserve!  I find that when I am tired and overwhelmed that I begin to focus on an escape to my present circumstances.  Which in reality is kind of idiotic because "wishing" does not alleviate the exhaustion, rather it only makes me more agitated!

Ok, so I do have some of the common wish that I could lose weight and look better in my clothes.  I recently saw a picture of myself at a family wedding reception dancing the HokeyPokey with my little cousins.  All I can say is that Steel Magnolia's quote "Looks like two pigs fightin' under a blanket" instantly came to mind!!!!  But I digress!   

What seems innocent enough is a BIG issue to God.  In my quiet time He has brought it to my attention that the "grass is greener"  purely boils down to covetousness.   OOUUCCHH!!!  So I knew that I needed to learn more about what He says about coveting because it must be a big deal to God.

God listed it in His 10 Commandments so that alone tells us it is an important issue.  Too often we look at that list as a "control issue" over us but it is not.  That list of items is about protecting us from some really bad stuff!   That commandment clearly states that we are not to covet anything of someone else's.  Notes in my Bible define 'covet' as desiring with an evil motivation.  Upon reading that I thought nothing about my wishes are evil...then I realized that my desires are about my control, to live comfortably,  and to say that His plan for my life just does not measure up to mine!  OK, anything that would separate me from God would be evil and that is truly what my desires would do!   Ephesians 5:5 equates it with greed and idolatry.  Ps 10:3 informs us that the Lord abhors covetous people.  "Abhor" is a very strong word!  It is defined in the dictionary as "regard with disgust and hatred".  Again OOUUCCHH!

Another thing that I noticed in my study made me pause.  While coveting is not a good practice for anyone, God was most of the time speaking of the importance for His people avoiding it.  Several passages refer to those who are saved and sanctified by Jesus but who choose to follow their covetous heart.  He states that you are not to keep company with that person. 

Why is it a big issue?  
a)  it is a choice that seperates us from God
       2 Timothy 3:2  "lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God" have a form of godliness but deny
       the power thereof,  2 Peter 2:14 habitual choices to put themselves into coveting and/or not 
       taking it serious enough to damage it causes.  It may not seem like such a big deal but that choice
       is just the beginning step that leads down a slippery slope towards all sorts of other BIG issues. 
      Too often in my life I have realized that the little "insignificant" choices are truly the critical "oh, I will skip exercising just for today".  Ha, we all know where that has led!

b) it causes damage to others
      1 Corinthians 5:10 provide a false testimony of Christ to unbelievers.  If we are fretting or
      displeased about our lot in life then what would draw others to Him?  Our biggest purpose is
      same as the disciples in Matthew 28:19-20...teaching others about Him.  If we are too focused on
      ourselves than we aren't able to do our job.

c)  life is not for our fleshly desires
        Luke 12:15  man's life does not consist of  'possessions' because all of it can be gone in an 
        instant!!!   This has all been brought home as I sit here with my mom in ICU...a rare
        complication to her heart stint which led to an open heart surgery to repair 2 holes in her heart
        of which only 0.5 of 10 people survive!  Boy, could I care less about all those previous "I
        wish_________" now! 


How fix:
     I know that the only thing that helps me is God's Word and a Bible teaching church.  Immersing
     myself in God's Word steadies my mind and heart no matter what is happening around me. 
    Colossians 3: 5, 10   When you are going through a life crisis it is crucial to be part of a strong
    body of believers who offer you support before, during, and after it.  One of the ways they support
    you is through prayer which will carry you through.  The beauty of being a believer is that there is
    also a bigger network of prayer warriors out there than you can imagine!  I have heard from so
    many people/friends who attend other churches about how they are praying fervently for my
    mother!   Anyone heard the new song "Just Say Jesus" by 7eventh Time Down?  Wow, does that
    song sum up my praying through this journey!

    But as I said before it is all about choice.  Josh 24:15   From the beginning He has always given us
    our own way!  He wants us to love and trust him wholeheartedly!  Isn't that what we all want?