Friday, June 28, 2013

Stale Air

You ever walk into a space/building that has been shut up tight and hit a wall of stale air?  Hot, musty, nasty air that leaves you running back outside for fresh air?  First thing you do is open all the curtains letting in light and opening windows so the fresh air can come in!

Amidst doing dishes this morning I realized that over last few weeks my quiet time has become nothing more than "stale air".  Because of the heat and an illness I have sat inside to do my quiet time which I attribute to the staleness.  I am an outdoorsy girl.  Let me be in full view of God's wonderful creation when I'm doing my quiet time and all is right!!!!!  Even in late fall and early spring I can be found outside wrapped in a blanket!   I have a specific area that my BFF refers to as my "Godspot".

In this spot I have full view of all the creation God has blessed me with....a great home, beautiful yard, and a rich heritage.  See across the road is the farm that has been in my family for SEVERAL years/generations.  The farmhouse where 3 generations were raised is no longer there but I can still see it in my mind every time I look!  The barn and corncrib won't be far behind the house unfortunately but the windmill will stay as long as I have a say!

So it's time to brave the heat, breathe in some fresh air, and get back to the spot where I meet God daily!!!!   My guess is He's going to show me that it's my heart that is full of stale air!  ;(  The recent Captivating study our church did made me realize I still have some chambers closed off from others.  It's time to unlock the door, throw open the curtains/windows and let fresh air in there too....that's going to be harder but necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!